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The NBI Advantage

Managed by ex-official of CFSL / CBI, New Delhi
EX-Officio Chemical Examiner
To the Govt. of India
Ex Vice President
Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences, Calcutta Ex. Vice President
Forensic Sciences Society of India , Madras.

Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Crime Branch Delhi Police, Who is having vast experience in the field of :

 i. Forgery and Cheating

 ii. Intellectual Property Rights

 iii. Criminal Breach of trust cases

While being in police the officials has Investigated more than hundreds cases of cheating & forgery.

  • The Ex officials had worked with Anti Extortion Cell of Crime Branch, Delhi Police as an I.O. (Investigating Officer) which has unearthed the world famous Cricket Match fixing scandle.

  • Worked with international Air Port Police as an Investigating Officer.

  • Specialized, vast experience in the cases of missing persons, kidnapping and extortion cases.

  • Vast experience in detecting every kind of cases including spouse fidelity, matrimonials, property related cases.

    From the Desk of Director

    Dear all

    I have been
    •  Associated with cases involving documents forgeries such wills, alterations in documents of all types hand written / typed.

    •  Associated with investigations of cases involving VIP's namely attack on Ex prime ministers of India- Smt. Indira Gandhi. Damaging of wires of Aircraft meant for going abroad of Smt. Indira Gandhi. Attack of Ex PM of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi at Rajghat, New Delhi.

    I have visited scenes of crime & rendered expert advice after inspection in almost all types of cases involving rapes, murders, burglaries & explosions / bomb blasts. I was specially involved in the inspection of the site of Bombay Blast cases, attack on the Honourable Governor of J&K, Shri Krishna Rao, attack on DGP (J & K), transistor bomb explosions in Delhi and dozens of other such cases.

    I have handled several cases of forged currency notes and developed a special technique (Beta-Ray Radiograph) for examining forged currency notes.

    I have expertise in
    Voice identification by voice spectrograph and began this technique with the CFSL / CBI for the first time.



    Ex-Director /CFSL / CBI, New Delhi
    EX-Officio Chemical Examiner
    To the Govt. of India
    Ex Vice President
    Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences, Calcutta Ex. Vice President
    Forensic Sciences Society of India , Chennai.

    Have received extensive training in various fields of Forensic Science which are as follows:

    Document Examination and forgeries in documents in England at the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory London, Forensic Science Laboratory at Chorley [ U.K.] and home office Laboratory at Aldermaston, [U.K.];

    BKA Weisbedon (Germany); and Longjumu (France); Kolkata (India); FBI Washington (USA) and Japan.

    Represented India in an official level in several international conferences held in Adelaide (Australia), Hobert (Australia), Vancouver (Canada), Kathmandu (Nepal), Oxford ( U.K) and Dusseldorf (Germany), Beijing (China), Virginia (USA), Colombo (Srilanka). Interpol Headquarters at Paris & Lyon (France) and Baniff (USA) (where I received many times, the honour of being Chairperson of the Scientific Sessions) by presenting Scientific papers in Forensic Science including document frauds and served the Govt. of India as a Senior Forensic Scientist (Senior Class I) for about 3 decades (From May 1983 to August 1996).

    Held the top position in the Central Bureau of Investigation Laboratory (CFSL/ CBI) as Director, CFSL / CBI and Ex-officio Chemical Examiner to the Govt. of India and served as the Head of the department.

    Guided and supervised functioning of all disciplines of Forensic Science including documents examination and document forgeries in the CBI Lab.

    Have been delivering lectures / talks to CBI Officers, Delhi Police Officers, Vigilance Officers of the Central Vigilance Commissions and Bank Officers of various banks with special reference to white collar crime including document forgeries. I have been addressing almost every month, Senior Officials of Judicial Administration such as Magistrates, DSPs & SPs and Public Prosecutors as well as Distt. & Sessions Judges from all parts of India.

    Appeared in Courts as an expert witness and tendered scientific opinions both in Delhi and Outside Courts, many times during my service as well, as after my retirement with respect to my opinions submitted as Chemical Examiner / Expert.

    Have about 200 scientific publications to my credit on different fields of Forensic Science including Bank Frauds, Signature Forgeries, document frauds and white collar crime. With this back ground, I began functioning as a Forensic Science Consultant in 1996 after my retirement and assisted private parties, public undertakings, hospitals and others by rendering my services as a consultant / expert.

    Have been invited by the Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi numerous times, even after my retirement for assisting them in the recruitment of senior officers (Class-I) like Asstt. & Deputy Govt. Examiners of questioned documents by rendering my expert advice, as well as in other fields of Forensic Science.

    Have also assisted other Govt. recruiting agencies / selection board / State Public Services Commissions for selecting candidates for document examination in Govt. offices / Labs and other officers in different disciplines of Forensic Science.

    I was also declared MAN OF THE YEAR–97 BY AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE INC. vide their letter dated August 8, 1997.

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